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Eleven Lashes takes pride in offering premium quality materials, resulting in longer lash longevity, which is a top priority for your co-creative lash community. We truly believe that you deserve to feel beautiful and confident, with the wink of a lash.

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Enjoy the ease of browsing different lash styles curated specifically for your eye shape!


Almond shaped eyes are eyes usually defined with an oval shape with a point on one or both ends. Almond eyes usually have a visible crease. 

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Deep Set

Deep set eyes are eyes with a defined eye socket. Creating the illusion of a prominent brow bone and eyelid. Deep set eyes have a visible crease.

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Down Turned

Down turned eyes are eyes where both outter corners point downward. They naturally point down.Down turned eye have a visible crease.

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Hooded eye lids are usually eyes with a heavier appearance. The heavier lid gives the illusion of smaller crease or no visible crease space at all.

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Mono eye shapes are usually eyes with no crease and no prominent brow shape. Mono lids are tend to be smaller and heavier.

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Prominent eye shapes are eyes that appear larger and display defined eyeshape. Prominenr lids sit outside the socket and have a visible crease.

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